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Here are some resources and information that may be useful to residents.

Emergency contacts

Marina Security emergency 01273 818875 


Sussex Police 0845 60 70 999

Non-emergency contacts

Marina Administration Office 01273 628627

Marina Security and Information Centre 01273 693636

Police non-emergency 101 (click here for details of when to use)

NHS non-emergency helpline 111


Premier Marinas 01273 819919 website

Marina Commercial Management (Savills) 01273 818504 website



If you are registered to use the online portal please report maintenance issues to the Residential Management Company there, or by email to, otherwise you can click the spanner icon here.

Residents' portal

The Estate Management Company have established an online portal for residents and residential property owners in Brighton Marina.

The portal can be found here:

This provides a single place to find everything you need to know about what is going on in your building, any time of the day or night, from home or abroad.

Amongst other facilities it provides the following tools and services:

• Report and track maintenance issues.
• Receive up to date news on your building and the whole Marina.
• Request replacement parking fobs or passes.
• Access to a range of information about the development and the Marina.
• View and pay service charge invoices.


If you haven't already registered (we recommend you do though it's not compulsory) you'll need a personal 'invitation key'. If you don't have or can't find yours, or would just like some help, please contact the Administration Office.

Emergency Text Message Service

Marina Security operate a text message system to inform residents of emergency incidents affecting the Marina. If you would like to be included in this service please provide your name, mobile number and address in the Marina.


If you are registered to use the online portal please go there to join this service, otherwise you can click the phone icon here to join.

Strand Road barrier ANPR registration

Residents of properties along the Strand Road can have their vehicle number plates registered with the barrier ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) system.

This will open the entry and exit barriers without the need for a card, ticket or a fob.


If you are registered to use the online portal please go there to join this service, otherwise you can click the number plate icon here to join.

Residential guides

The following guides have been produced by the Brighton Marina Residential Management Company and any enquiries arising should be addressed to the Administration Office.

Residents' Handbook (Strand Road and Village Square)

Residents' Handbook (Orion and Sirius)

Service charge guide (all residential areas)

Fire Safety Advice (all residential areas)

Emergency Planning Map 1 - Lifebelt locations

Emergency Planning Map 2 - Inner harbour escape ladders

Emergency Planning Map 3 - Caisson numbering

Defibrillator locations map

Brighton Marina Neighbourhood Forum

Our Neighbourhood Forum website

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